A safe, secure, connection to a global mobile network allows them to be productive immediately whilst the infrastructure at the circuit is being built is at their fingertips. The same is true whether the race is at far away locations like Argentina, Austin or Australia or nearer to home in Barcelona.

Communication is critical to Dorna’s business and with a high-quality user experience and freedom for their travelling employees, their team’s satisfaction at work is much greater. Having a quality reliable secure connection which saves time and effort 

as well as money has significantly increased Dorna’s productivity. With the service being the same price in every country it also helps us to budget and forecast spending far more accurately.

Dorna started using MOVE at the beginning of the 2019 season with a proof of concept test. It was so successful that was rapidly expanded to over 30 people. With a single global contract, shared data and rapid time to market of just 1 day to add new users, they are seeing significant benefits to the business. A rolling pool of data allocation is sufficient to allow remote working with little limitation anywhere.