At the circuit the pods are provided with input from two connected trucks which Dorna Sports bring to every event. One truck captures all the action from the cameras providing over 150 different views. The second truck, known as the IPF (International Programme Feed), houses the directors’ studio in which Sergi Sendra, Senior Director Media Production Dorna Sports, manages his team.

It is from here that they produce 18 hours of uninterrupted world-class broadcast each race weekend by taking the content from the track cameras, adding footage from on-boards, high-speed cameras, replays and graphics, turning it into the international programme feed that is broadcast every weekend.

All this on-site technology is connected to the world outside of the circuit via the Tata Communications fibre network.

Providing data transfer at 1GB, this network is essential in enabling new experiences, greater efficiencies and new market opportunities.

The additional bandwidth combined with increased network speed offer improvements in picture quality and has enabled Dorna to offer viewing services to their fans that were not possible before. Since 2017, more cameras have been put on every bike, providing a 360° view and streaming live content.