Innovations such as UHD, virtual reality and 360-degree video, and the Internet of Things open the door to more powerful fan experiences, helping fans be part of every chicane, hairpin and battle for position in new ways feeling, like they’re actually in the seat, travelling around the track at over 340kmph.

Thanks to Tata Communications constantly evolving technology, Dorna has also been able to develop a world first in on-screen graphics, enabling the data graphics to track and follow the rider as they move. This helps provide amazing insights from all the data captured in real time.

As well as increased productivity for Dorna and quality for the broadcasters, the teams are benefitting from increased bandwidth too.

This video shows the power of the 2500fps camera as the leading riders approach the end of the start/finish straight at over 200mph at the Italian MotoGP at Mugello. The Ducati team were struggling to understand unusual wear and damage to the tyres. Clearly not visible to the human eye under normal viewing, the high-speed camera allowed them to see the bodywork vibrating and rubbing on the front tyres of both of their bikes.

Capturing images at 2500 frames per second with a high-speed camera provides an image that makes it possible to see things the human eye cannot see. 

This allows for things such as tyre problems, rider error and precise braking points to all be more easily identified thereby constantly and consistently helping to improve racing standards.